Who We Are?

Times Research is a one of the leading global market research & analysis organization providing end-to-end customized research, analytics, database building and information publishing services. We are constantly expanding our knowledge pool about consumer behavior, global markets and best-in-class research processes whether it is an end-to-end business research or multi-geography data collection. We focus on bringing market pulse right at your fingertips. We strive to partner with our clients to deliver a wide array of results through a blend of market & business research approaches. This approach of using multiple research and evaluation techniques help us derive greater insights by reducing the research costs. We help you increase your ROI by providing most accurate contact database.


To be a leader in the Global Demand Generation Industry, recognized for the value we deliver through innovative products & services, strategic partnerships and talent. To be the partner of choice for all organizations in delivering knowledge and data driven services across the globe.which helps our clients bring in operational efficiencies, deliver actionable insights to their customers and predict the future markets.


We go deep Our expertise matches our commitment to deliver revenue growth for our clients. We have stringent quality parameters & control measures in place to ensure the highest possible quality Standards across all its processes and services Integrity