Content Marketing

Content Syndication can be a very effective way to help develop your reputation & visibility online. Syndication is when you take content which is already published on your own site, and you give one or more other parties permission to post a copy of that content on their site. Note that the syndicated content can be a complete copy of the content on your site, or only a part of it.


White Paper

Times Research are works with the decision makers through periodic Whitepapers. It’s important to ensure that the Whitepapers reach the right party contact and is read. Times Research ensure that the White papers are reaching the right contact person through time frame . This activity includes time frame for good business through white paper and then a confirmation on the receipt of the said whitepaper

Webinars & Webcasts

The Times Research helps in basic webinars consist of slides and an audio speaker, but webinars today often use a wide variety of interactive elements, including video, audience polls, social media, and live Q&A, to name a few. Generating leads. Webinars are the top lead-generation tactic for most marketing departments that deliver webinars

Content-based Lead Generation

     Times Research expertise in content marketing to creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Its main benefits:
  • 1) Low effort, high reward When done properly, content marketing is low effort, high reward. Create a piece of content that is popular with a large audience, and Google will do the job of bringing in prospects for you, spreading the reach of your marketing efforts across the world instantly.
  • 2) Credibility Content marketing is also great for establishing authority in an industry. If your content is useful and insightful, the people who consume it will begin to view you as a trusted and credible resource.
  • 3) Content builds over time Every additional blog post, landing page or eBook you publish just adds to your arsenal of resources, and your credibility with new prospects will continue to go up over time.