Email Marketing Services

Based on involves using email to send advertisement requested bussiness. Email can increase a B2B telemarketing campaign’s results by up to 90% Our top performing telemarketing activity is often supported by targeted email campaigns. In order to maximise our chances of success, expertly written, segmented messages are sent to prospects to help warm up leads before dialling commences. By using our advanced email technology, we are able to establish how the prospects are interacting with the content we send them which helps our telemarketers to personalise every call. By incorporating a mix of channels with telemarketing we are able to increase call to result conversions and lead quality as well as helping to drive inbound leads.

SEO service

SEO = Search Engine Optimization is the science of getting online traffic from organic listings. Next to having a well-designed website, SEO is the most crucial step in establishing an effective online presence for your company. It is a highly complicated process, best handled by experts who have mastered the art of navigating the Search Engines' ever changing algorithms. SEO is an investment that takes time and capital. Hire us to turn your investment into returns with our custom designed SEO campaigns.

SMO service

Times Research understand that you have aspirations for your business. We help you hit a chord with a greater number of customers and engage them with the comprehensive digital marketing solutions from the best SMO services company. A greater clientele will immediately imply a greater number of transactions and more revenue, which is exactly what we want for your business! We are committed to providing you with the best social media optimization services to help you familiarize the prospective customers with your products and services. You can engage a greater number of users with truly innovative and aesthetic web solutions. Times Research is among the most renowned social media optimization companies that help you propagate your brand far and wide.